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Marine plywood

By: Updown2037 | August 20, 2016

On July 11/09 ordered and paid for 12 sheets of Marine plywood from Cooksville lumber, with 5 years all the boards were covered in mould and substantial wood rot, causing 3 boards to bow out.nCooksville refused to attend and investigate my complaint stating that Marine plywood is not intended foe humid, moist conditions..refused to compensate for loss. I am in process of taking them thru small claims court.
Cooksville is claiming that Marine Plywood is not for outdoor use but only should be used indoors.
And these people are selling wood products!

Cooksville Lumber CO

3389 Wolfedale Rd Mississauga, ON

category: Lumber Yards - Retailers

They are the worst

By: non-member | February 23, 2016

Gave us excellent photos and shipped us garbage lumber. Called them and they did not want to be reliable so they insisted saying the quality had no problem. I said let's hire a local inspector and go and check the quality. However they did not want to follow up with this but continue insisting the quality is standard. They are the the worst that I ever worked with in Canada.

Boscus Canada Inc

189 Boul Hymus #504 Pointe-Claire, QC

category: Lumber Yards - Wholesalers


By: non-member | June 23, 2015

I have previously done business with some of the other Turkstra locations and was pleased with their products. However, dealing with the Waterdown store was a nightmare. The biggest problem was with Mike Kinnear who was at best arrogant and at worst rude and insulting. I understand there can be differences in opinions, but rather than try and work with me on what I thought was best for my own projects, he was dismissive and belittling. When I pointed out that I didn't like his attitude he said I was free to go elsewhere with my business. So I did, and I won't go back to Turkstra at any location until he is gone.

Turkstra Lumber CO Ltd

61 Hamilton St N Waterdown, ON

category: Lumber Yards - Retailers


By: MattSagan | October 14, 2014

As Canadians, we’d really prefer to encourage the use of our Canadian companies to boost our economy, but with RONA we suggest taking your business elsewhere. We just went through a proposed 1-week kitchen renovation that turned out to be a 6-week nightmare renovation from Hell! To start, we lost complete access to our kitchen for 5 days as the delivery men just piled our boxes in the kitchen and no one came to even start unpacking them for 5 days. They tore our kitchen down in one day, but due to production hold ups we had no water in the kitchen for 2.5 weeks and were left doing dishes in our bathroom shower. Production was even longer due to the designer mishap for our corner space requiring an ordered standing cupboard (it would not even stand there because of our windowsill). Furthermore, he then turned around and said it was my wife’s fault despite the fact that he was the one with the measuring tape and he measured it. Upon our first complaint after a frame around...



137 King St W Dundas, ON

category: Lumber Yards - Retailers

slegg lumber

By: hergt | April 21, 2012

I bought and had professionally installed a laminate floor from Slegg. Within a few years it started lifting. Slegg sent first a company rep, then an "unbiased" assessor to view my floor. The result was confusing, the floor was either, improperly installed, a dog/cat had peed on it, it got wet, it got dry, To date I have no idea what is wrong only that they won't wear it. Oh they did offer me one box of flooring, but so far they have not contacted me about how I get this. By contrast, I have had marvelous service and follow up from Home Depot. My family has lived in this city for over 100 years, I try to give my business to home grown merchants...not this more

Slegg Lumber

1496 Admirals Rd Victoria, BC

category: Lumber Yards - Retailers

Now this is what I call a MAN'S...

By: dox | March 9, 2012

This place was built by men, for men. I go here every Saturday to do my man-duties, picking up the goods I need to fix things, whether they need to be fixed or not. They got your lumber and they got your tools, not like these other places that are all talk and no action. These guys will bend over backwards for you. If you're afraid of down and dirty, sweaty hands-on work, go elsewhere. Guys like me may be a bit rough around the edges, but we know when it's time to get greased up and skip the shop talk. When you go in here all you see is rugged men looking for tools to get the job done. These are guys who wear tight jeans made for getting down to business. I'm talkin fitted front-pocket t-shirt types of guys with hard shoulders, thick arms, strong jaws, five o' clock shadows, and eyes made of steel. The timid need not apply, because we're getting down to the nitty gritty all day and all night, whether you like it or not. Enough beating around the bush, it's time to pack it in. Go to Rona so you can get it on.


2450 Eagle St N Cambridge, ON

category: Lumber Yards - Retailers